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Shenzhen Refinecolor Technology Co., Ltd.
맞춤 제조업체
주요 제품:UV 프린터; 의복 프린터에 직접; DTF 프린터; 잉크젯 프린터; 디지털 프린터
No. 2 전사 필름 부문 정시 납품Offline trade shows attended(3times)Competitive OEM factoryInternational service centers(1)Full customization


Shenzhen Refinecolor Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent Manufacturing Company, which Office located in Shenzhen and 5000sq.m factory in Dongguan City; Refinecolor supply uv printer, DTG and DTF Printers, special in A3 size UV Printer, Top Brand in China; Since 2015 Year, We build long-term cooperation with Hosonsoftware, All Printers Installed Latest Hoson’s Mainboard and Riprint software; Refinecolor Printers have passed CE, FCC, Rohs, CCC certification, We set up office in Guatemala, France and Korea; Looking For more business partners.

Refinecolor’s team is made up of Chief Engineer, IT Engineers; Software Developer, UI designers, and after sales technicians; We Provide OEM/ ODM And Supply API For Customer's System; Refinecolor is the first one who provide IOT Technology in Small Size inkjet printer; such as Phone Cases, Mobile electronics, Golf balls, T-shirts, DTF Films, Cards; Even Printing&Vending machine; Refinecolor will developing More app printing solution for industry.

Refinecolor’s Goal is Providing Smart Print solution & Bringing our client’s colorful vision to life, you will find more refinecolor’s printer in local store; We will keep focus on small UV Printer in the next 10years; and Set up local service for overseas Customers.